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4370 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh,  PA,  15217

Phone:  (412) 904 – 3582

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Flawless Fashions updated

Flawless Fashions is a mid-sized clothing boutique. It is approximately 75% female and 25% male oriented. The store has a wide ranging and dynamic demographic because of how selective and innovative the buying department strives to be. Women of all ages will find not only items of clothing and shoes to their tastes, but also beautiful one of a kind handbags, hair pieces and jewelry. The items range from $5 up, with nothing over $100 unless it is a feature item. The fashions are purchased from all over the country including New York City’s garment district, showrooms in both Miami and Los Angeles, as well as some international vendors throughout Europe. The basic premise is to provide new, stunning styles at affordable prices for the upwardly trendy and fashionable people in the Pittsburgh area.

Pittsburgh also has a deep rooted underground fashion scene that many people don’t know about. Flawless Fashions has an edge in this arena because one of its major members was born and raised in Pittsburgh. This will permit our boutique access to works from local artists and designers! Flawless Fashions will not only host their merchandise but hold open workshops and venues for customizable clothing and a chance for customers to participate in creating fashion. Pittsburgh is an untapped resource in terms of inspiration and creativity. Flawless Fashions hopes to bring out the courageous nature of the city through a constructive arena: Fashion.

Flawless Fashions is located at 4370 Murray Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA. It is a warm and charming location; set amongst a bustling business district in the Squirrel Hill/Greenfield neighborhoods. This area of Pittsburgh is very centralized; it is a very short drive (under 15 minutes) from everywhere, literally. The storefront is also positioned at an important bus stop which services the downtown area and most neighborhoods including Oakland, Hazelwood, Lincoln Place, Homestead, Shadyside and more. People who shop in all major areas including the Waterfront, Southside, Century III, Monroeville and Ross Park/McKnight are also very close to this area. We hope to be your first stop shop because not only are we affordable with beautiful pieces, but we are extremely easy to get to!


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