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Added: Mon Dec 27 2004
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Holiday Robberies 2004

We were robbed at about 6:30 on Dec 22nd, by a person who literally crawled in through the door, across the floor, reached into the register and skulked out. I spied them on the way out, but couldn't catch them. Apparently other businesses have been hit the same way.

Though only about $100 was taken, we have a $500 reward for their arrest and conviction. This has to stop! Allowing people to come into your shops, and get away with shop lifting, or out right stealing has to stop!

What sort of dangerous and sick world do we live in when we continue to allow people to steal from our businesses -- and our families -- because we are afraid there is more concern for the civil rights of the criminal, than the victims! It's *NOT* a violation of _their_ civil rights to stop them, they committed a crime!

Stealing is WRONG -- even as far back as the Bible, it was specifically condemned, because it affects so many INNOCENT people! Stealing from a business is not "Getting Paid" as the criminals call it, it's taking food and shelter, and security from the people who are REALLY working. It affects the families, and people who DEPEND on that business. It's a violation of ALL OUR RIGHTS if we continue to let them get away with it!


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