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Your ratings and reviews, comments and suggestions on sites listed here are *VERY* much appreciated, and encouraged! We will be doing our best to rate and review sites, but a much larger input is desired. Not everyone has the same views on every site, or aspect of the sites. Diversity.

This site was set up in 2004, but alot of things got in the way. We are dusting it off and opening it up, as part of the "Best of the Burgh" offerings ( which are a combination of printed and on-line offerings.

2012 will be a "banner" year!

Below are the categories and links to information we have have available, or have uncovered across the web.

Businesses supporting this site, and striving to be "The Best of the Burgh"
Opinions and observations about our area.
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Goings on around the Squirrel Hill Area

There are 8 links for you to choose from!

Squirrel Hill News Home Page

Please send any inquiries, or information you may have for inclusion to SquirrelHillNews. We have also opened several other sites including,,, and the main "top" site,

If you have a Squirrel Hill business, or are a Squirrel Hill resident who would like to see more involvement of ALL the merchants in local happenings, please drop us a line. We are looking for people to write about what is going on in Squirrel Hill -- news, sports, awards, events, garage sales, fund raisers, charity work, and anything else of interest to the community. We are specifically looking for kids and teens who want to write about what is going on from their perspectives. Businesses -- if you are having sales, events, or specials, let us know, and we can put the word out. Give us the details, or sign up to manage your own information/coupons web page on our site.

Please look around the site, and give us your feedback. Right now it's just this welcome page, but in the next week or two, it will have a fully functional database, coupon manager, and more. For bit of what software we have developed, check out the site.

Our goal is to make this an active community site, a niche neighborhood, in keeping with Pittsburgh traditions. We've been a part of the community for a long time, almost a decade and a half, and we've seen things change greatly during that period. The future promises to be even more swiftly changing, and an equally adept advertising and communication medium is needed., on the Internet, can be, will be, that medium.

All Squirrel Hill businesses are eligible for inclusion, and standard services. Additional services can be added. As part of "The Best of the Burgh" network, all businesses are editorially evaluated prior to inclusion. This helps maintain a sense of value to the visitor, and keep the quality high.

Our goal is to increase awareness of what is available, and what is going on in, Squirrel Hill, and to promote the businesses "off Forbes" which seem to be forgotten in almost every other marketing or promotional effort.